WordPress website maintenance: what’s included?

by Feb 8, 2024

We offer three levels of Website Maintenance Care Plans outlined below. Websites are no longer a static thing, and our Care Plans will provide you with the benefit of an in-house web developer at a fraction of the cost. The online world is constantly changing, and websites must adhere to that. From online security and technical issues, to help with updates and challenges that you may not have time for, we are here to be your digital team.

So you can make an informed decision, these are the benefits of our Website Maintenance Care Plans:

  • Peace of mind that all software is up to date and secure against any unwelcome attacks and threats.
  • Quick restore if anything does happen to go wrong.
  • Assistance with any technical issues you may have, as well as managing some minor content on your site.
  • Continual backups and monitoring for security and uptime.
  • As the main point of contact for your update requests, we will work with you to determine the best schedule for any updates (i.e. monthly, or as requested).

Just in case you’re interested in the technical details, this is everything we do on the site on a daily, weekly and/or monthly basis:

  • Updates to all your website software (including any third-party extensions) to make sure it is operating on the latest versions and is secure.
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly backups of your website and database files and storage on our secure offsite servers.
  • Security monitoring scripts run to identify any potential threats to the site.
  • 24/7 Uptime monitoring to make sure the site is online and available to use.
  • Hosting, which includes SSL certificate updates, SQL and PHP updates, etc.
Basic CareEssential CareCare Plus
Cost per site$150/month$300/month$500/month
Front-end support time*30 minutes2 hours4 hours
Website backupsMonthlyWeeklyDaily
Uptime monitoringxxx
CMS core/theme/plugin updatesMonthlyMonthlyWeekly
Security monitoringxxx
E-commerce supportx
*This support can include small content changes to the website (i.e. text changes/image swaps), but creating new pages or elements may fall out of scope and are subject to additional charges.

In the ever-changing world of websites, it is more important to keep your content updated and fresh. With our maintenance packages, we’ve got everything covered so you can focus on the bigger aspects of your business or organization. Contact us today to learn more about our maintenance packages!

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